I blame Princess for this. ouo

the message I was supposed to write in the char+neko chat but it was too long to do so


Hi guys hayaku is most likely sleeping so I will complain (about school) here instead. ouob BECAUSE I CAN OK FEEL FREE TO KEEL ME/KICK ME/PUNCH ME/WHATEVER YOU WANT FOR THIS
Today I was supposed to have a biology test. I studied like crazy yesterday (since my planning skillz are zero). The only breaks was to complain about life and listen to music and watch boyfriend's w acamdemy which was hilarious let's watch it together ok as well as B.A.P's Ta-Dah show. At least the 2nd part since the first part is so lame.
So the amount of sleep I got was like 6-7 hours. And I've still been feeling a bit bad these last days because of idk what I've been really down these last weeks man. But I had sickdays thursday & friday last week so yeah, can't be more "sick". SPENT THOSE DAYS PLAYING HARVEST MOON OFC. I AM NOW ENGAGED TO SHEA TEEHEE. MARRIAGE IS IN A WEEK PLEASE COME.
i'm sorry
So yah. Woke up at ~7 since school starts at 8. First thing that happens is that I feel really bad. Like when you slept too little and stood up from bed too fast and everything. Worst feeling ever I swear ;___; THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE.
Then I got to school and it was all nice. Until lesson after lunch which was SUPPOSED to be the test lesson. Sat outside the classroom for 15 minutes being like "WHERE IS SHE MY GOD.". Then we check with the infoplaceidkman and they're like "she's home with sick kids". I was so annoyed no kidding. Me & another friend was like "I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE THE TEST LATER OK WHAT IS THIS SHIT" while the rest of the class was like "NO TESTTTTT WOOOOOOOOO".
Which is why I am online at this hour instead of being in school and everything. Normally we have 2 hours between Biology and 3rdidk Language which we spend complainging about why it's so long & doing math/other hw. So today we suddenly have 3 hours inbetween. My friends goes and ask their spanish teacher if they can get some papers to work with at home. They get it. So they can go home. While I'm like "I can't fucking ask my german teacher if I can get papers to work with. I was sick last lesson and we're having a test next week and all her lessons are so planned and just abkjdbsa."
So I went home inbetween anyways. 'cause no way I'm sitting alone there in school god.
So I shall sit here for another hour and a half probably doing math. To have one 80 minute lesson. In german. Which noone cares about. And the 3rd school week barely started and I'm already asking myself when our break is I mean what.
But I have a biology test this week, a swedish test this week, going to be in school on Saturday because we have to show the 9th graders our ~FABOLOUS~ classes and lessons and idk honestly ( but we get a free day next Monday so yay).
Then next week I have a german test & a English speech thingie. Week after that is another german test and idk what more.
And like every day I got math to do and akjdshkabsdas.
What am I doing with my life seriously. It'll get worse next fall too. And then next year my god I shall be dead.
And mom isn't home right now idk where she is she's not working today. She's probably at some store with dad but man I need her here right now. I need to complain about my shoes (feet hurts like hell and since they're new my heelsidkwthisitcalled got injuries. I can barely walk properly with them) and cry and idk what more. And I don't want to go back to school alone again and just idk.
and I seriously need to get on msn more because I miss talking to hayaku and maybe I'll catch konii on sometime too since she's updating her msn messages she must be on yes.
I almost turned this rant to a cheesy post about how much I love you guys who talk to me you are all so adorable and I love you and idk what I would do without you sob.


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